Thursday, August 13, 2009


Jenni says:
Where did you go?

Matthew says:
I had a craving, so I got a donut.

Jenni says:
Ooooo! Lemme have some!

Matthew writes:
Matthew writes:
Matthew writes:
Matthew writes:

Knowing both of their personalities, I can imagine this would really happen.-Matt


dana w said...

i'm surprised it hasn't happened already.

funny title, too.

Ryan Green said...

What kind of a bait and switch was that?! I was waiting for part 2 of Bubblegum Crisis. It's a good thing this one is really funny or I'd ask for my money back.

Mr.Mr. said...

Sorry, Ryan. It just wasn't popular enough to warrant a sequel. In addition, our financial supporters thought it was going the wrong direction, and pulled the plug on this unfortunate, epic tale.

Santos is running a grassroots campaign to purchase the rights, finish and direct the story himself. I think he mentioned something about a new technique called 'Animation'.

I applaud him and his efforts, however, he needs learn how to direct himself out of a cage, first.